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dynamis_2 is a numerical software leading to an automated determination of static and dynamic response of mechanical systems in a computationally efficient way. It is used for systems of critical importance and safety, like for predicting the behavior of automotive, aerospace, marine and civil engineering structures. These systems are discretized by finite elements. Frequently, this leads to models with an excessive number of degrees of freedom and strongly nonlinear characteristics. Therefore, a central concept of the code is to provide the option of reducing drastically the order of a system, without sacrificing numerical accuracy. Apart from increasing the computational efficiency and speed, this reduction renders amenable the application of techniques, which are efficient for low order systems only.

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Nonlinear Frequency Response Analysis

The modern design and structure of dynamis_2 permits the exploitation of several useful computational features. Moreover, one can use the code in order to perform analyses, which can not be performed by any other existing commercial code.

For instance, a unique feature of dynamis_2 is the direct prediction of periodic steady state response and stability of periodically excited nonlinear systems. This new analysis provides complete spectral information on the response of complex structures, which is useful in many engineering areas, ranging from a direct detection of dangerous resonances to a fast and reliable prediction of fatigue life. This tool is quite important, since the results obtained for real structures present substantial differences when compared to similar results determined for the corresponding linearized versions, which are commonly utilized in the industry nowadays.

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